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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Mama Blog, Take Two

So I had originally posted this disclaimer several weeks ago, and was very proud, until Blogger cruelly and irrationally deleted everything I had written. The help page said this was normal, and that it would come back. LIES. Ahem. Anyways, I am trying again, and hopefully it will work out somewhat better. Now, onwards to ye disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER: Please read. or else don't say you weren't warned! Not that any of this will be that life scarring...Really.

1. Yes, I am a teen parent. No, I do not consider myself to be a "skank" or a "slut", or whatever term you would like to use. Also, if you are a female propagating the use of such terms, you hurt not only the person you are insulting, but yourself, and your entire gender by continuing the judgment of a completely private area of an individual's life.
2. Neither I, nor my son, have EVER been on Welfare, or used up any of your precious tax dollars. It is incredibly ignorant to disrespect an entire demographic of people (young and/or single mothers) by arbitrarily labeling them as immoral, unintelligent people who sap government funding. People of all ages benefit from these services, and the majority of them DO need the help, despite the fact that there will always be those who abuse such aid.
3. This blog is basically intended to be the ANTI Sixteen and Pregnant. By which I mean that if you enjoy watching the drama and suffering of others, ala reality TV, this is not for you. It is instead meant to show that yes, it is hard to be a parent at a young age, but the problems encountered are often the same as the problems of parents of any age. To help people to recognize that families are families, mothers are mothers, fathers are fathers. Some are bad and some are good, REGARDLESS of age.
4. My boyfriend (yes, the father of my son) and I are still together. There will be no domestic violence, or " OmG WhO iZ mah BaBeH daDDah?"
5. With that said, no one is perfect. People of all ages have ups and downs, and everyone makes mistakes.
6. So, if you haven't been bored out of your mind/emotionally scarred/run off to join a rabid abstinence only program, read on, you courageous cookie.

ED: Another reason which I forgot to mention- I am venturing into the blogosphere because while I find many of the parenting blogs I've read to be hilarious, I have never come across one which covers parenting from my own situation. Because I would love to see a blog written by another teen mom (if only just to rant about ageism, and the terrible injustice of having one's life packaged into an episode of a reality show on MTV), I'm taking the plunge...hopefully it wont be too self-esteem abrasive! 

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